One Fundamental Question about the Big Bang Theory

Today I watched a video from Bill Nye the Science Guy in which he asks parents who believe in Creationism to not share that with our children.  He somehow feels that by doing so they won’t be able to become engineers.  Now, forget for a moment that many, many Creationist are engineers, builders, scientist, doctors and thinkers… If you forget about the facts than his insertion is more believable.

I happen to think that God has developed a defense mechanism in organic life that allows us to adapt to our surroundings over time, so in that vein I suppose I believe in evolution.  I don’ t know if the original 7 days was a literal seven days or if God used “days” to mean eras of development.  Frankly, it doesn’t change my faith in the subject.

So, whereas I’m a Creationist, I can understand the confusion of those who try to alienate a superior being or intelligent designer from their interpretation of life.

However, until I’ll even consider the evolutionist’s Big Bang Theory (which is a great TV show, btw); I’d like to ask the evolutionists one basic question in two parts…

Where did the first two big rocks come from and how did an explosion occur in a vacuum?

I’m not judging your theory, I’m asking you to answer the question of it’s origin.  See I have an easier time having faith in my belief than in yours.  Neither of us know the full truth as neither of us were really there.  My belief is far easier to explain and accept than the other.

I don’t think Big Bang Theorist are evil people.  I think they simple have a different faith and religion.  Their religion is deeply embedded in “science” where my religion believes in science, as well as an intelligent creator.  Which of us is more close minded?

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