Matt Chandler Explains Justification in 2 Minutes and How Jesus Wants The Rose

by Matthew Rathbun on September 26, 2012

Anyone who has ever talked to me for any length of time about such things, has probably heard me reference Matt Chandler.  He is by far the most influential Pastor in my life and I’ve never met him.  I follow his podcasts, writings, video casts, etc… whenever I can find them.

When challenged by so many christians about the effectiveness of online ministry, I point to Matt Chandler.  …and then I remind them that Christ himself did not chose to use a pulpit on a Sunday morning to deliver his message.  He used whatever means he had to build relationships.

The following two videos are my favorite shorts from Matt Chandler.  The first deals with not only how badly Christ wants us, but how poorly the church conveys that love.  The second video explains justification in about two minutes.

Bonus: The Knowability of God

This video should come with a warning to all Christians.  It’s the most convicting sermonette I’ve ever heard.

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