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I have a ton of websites, so it depends on how you’d like to connect.  I love to connect with people, so don’t feel like you’re a stalker if you want to connect.  I try to make our engagement, funny, witty and often a little abstract.  Here are few sites:
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Who Am I? I love God, my wife, my kids, my faith, my family and technology – generally in that order.  I want to like people, but often have to struggle to do so.  God and I are working on that.  As for my career, I’m a real estate broker of a large firm in Virginia, where I live with my family. As far as my personal life, I’ve lived according to my own self-interest and it sucked.  When I started to live according to my faith, I became blessed beyond measure.  Those years of bad decisions and stupid mistakes do often give me the grace to understand others better. My amazing wife and I have been married for 20 years and have three daughters, two of which are teenagers and whom I have the pleasure of walking with through their own epic adventure.  We (being mostly my wife) have homeschooled these treasures since day one. Don’t get the wrong impression, just because I have a great home-life and family-life that doesn’t mean that the struggles of life, echoes of bad decisions and my own drive to be better than I am are not daily battles.  I just choose to dwell on the present and future and have an amazing vision of our lives to come. My hope for this site is to learn more about and from others, by sharing some of myself.  I hope you enjoy what you read and see here.

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