Congress, Commonsense and Apple [RANT]

TaxI honestly try and stay away from politics on this forum, but this has got me baffled…

Ok, so… Apple has created 600 US jobs and pays THIRTY percent of their domestic income to US taxes. That’s 30 percent or almost 1/3 of every dollar in US Taxes so that the US can put it toward such important things as the development of a robotic squirrel….

According to news sources, Apple pays more taxes than any other company in the US.

John McCain and the Senate’s response? Apple is guilt of tax evasion by also being successful outside of the US and should be paying taxes on global gains.

When is enough; enough? If I were Tim Cook, I’d pack up my Apple company and move it to the Bahamas were you’d pay no taxes and have a much more beautiful window view. Oh…and all the people in the US who have iPhones would still buy your iPhones.

What I really get out of this story is that instead of doing the hard work of actually making common sense adjustments to the tax code and spending, Congress chooses to make political theater with successful companies. Typical. And we keep paying these politicians more money than we do God (not an exaggeration) to continue to do nothing.

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