Funny and True: Shoot Christians Say

I’ve often quipped about the “Christianese” that we’ve developed.  The funny thing is that people will speak Christianese with other Christians and then speak like a normal person around everyone else.  I’ve even found myself doing it, even through it irritates me. This video is pretty funny and calls a lot of attention to our religious vernacular.

Remember Your Adjectives… Star Wars Style

This is a hilarious way to remember your adjectives, with our friends from Star Wars!

Realizing You’re Only Cool In Your Head

This morning, I’m rolling down Rt. 4 in Orlando with the windows down, feeling good about my new suit, listening to “My bad, bad girlfriend” at the highest possible volume and reminding myself why I love my career so much…

Then I realized I was driving a family van, sporting a pro-life bumper sticker, on my way to pickup my mother-in-law and attend meetings all day.

The ego giveth and the reality taketh away…

A Painfully Honest Voting Ad (Satire)

This is precisely how I see Gen Y in regards to voting…

iPhone 5 Laugh of the Day… It’s funny because it’s true

When Kids THink It’s the Best Time To Get Married

Thanks, FailBlog!

Be Nice

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Ever See The Horrible Star Wars Holiday Special?

I love Star Wars, things from the 80’s (or in this case 1978) and retro commercials.  For all those reasons, I thought I’d love the Star Wars Holiday Special.  Once I did ::deep sigh:: I got a good laugh.

The Star Wars Holiday Special was aired in 1978 and only once.  All other copies are bootleg, or posted on Google Video.  It’s really funny, if you don’t take the Star Wars universe as a Theology.  There are guest spots from the original casts, cartoon excerpt introducing Boba Fett and some good gags.

So, if you’re curiosity is getting the better of you, you can enjoy the two hour special below…

The Silent Monks Sing Hallelujah

This was too great not to share!

Mommy Rhapsody

Since I posted “Dad’s Life” yesterday, I thought I should publish one for the Moms’ today.  This one is even funnier!