Grace Church of Fredericksburg’s 2012 Service-Service

On December 2, 2012 Grace Church of Fredericksburg modified their regular service to obey our calling and serve our community. After a brief worship service, we were given Angel Tree slips and left to gather a gift or two or three, bring them back and wrap them as a congregation. Then we all shared lunch together. It was one of the best church services I’ve ever been too!

For more information visit Video by J.P. Sieck.

How To Make Your Home Sing For The Holiday – Gangnam Style

This. is…. Totally Awesome!

Ever See The Horrible Star Wars Holiday Special?

I love Star Wars, things from the 80’s (or in this case 1978) and retro commercials.  For all those reasons, I thought I’d love the Star Wars Holiday Special.  Once I did ::deep sigh:: I got a good laugh.

The Star Wars Holiday Special was aired in 1978 and only once.  All other copies are bootleg, or posted on Google Video.  It’s really funny, if you don’t take the Star Wars universe as a Theology.  There are guest spots from the original casts, cartoon excerpt introducing Boba Fett and some good gags.

So, if you’re curiosity is getting the better of you, you can enjoy the two hour special below…

Thanksgiving Stuff You May Not Know…

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