Matthew Rathbun Is Starting Over

BlueJeanTheology Has Come To An End…

…but not really.  When I look back at who Matthew Rathbun is and I see that BlueJeanTheology has been a great way for me to share information about my faith, family and tools for years now, but recently I’ve been feeling the itch to create something similar but different.  Today I launched which will be my new site  to engage folks into conversations and share a bit of what’s on BlueJeanTheology, but more “lifestyle” stuff.

Why an entirely new site and name?  Easy.  It was time to start over.  BlueJeanTheology just has never really flowed for me as a name and the site design was dated at best.  A lot of the content that was here will be on the new site, but it will be more eclectic than just writing about faith.  I’ve always tried to be “real” online, but there is more that I’d like to share.  Believe it or not, it was easier to start all over than to reconstruct this site and I got to do things right from the beginning.  I was so new to blog design when I started BJT so many years ago that I made a lot of mistakes.  That’s fine, it’s part of the learning.  Now it’s time to move on.  I hope you’ll bookmark and subscribe to I think you’ll like what I have in store!

Matthew Rathbun Real Estate Client Site

Matthew Rathbun Real Estate Educator

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