AppShopper Is My New Best Friend

by Matthew Rathbun on May 18, 2012

I Love Apps a Deal

So I admit it…  I’m an Apps junkie.  Either for my Mac, my iPhone or my iPad I love finding that gem of a program that will make my life easier or my task more fun.  However, last year I liked it a little too much.  When I did my takes last year, I was amazed at how quickly those little .99 apps add up!

I was thrilled when I stumbled on the AppShopper app for the iPad.  Even more thrilled when I checked out their website!

AppShopper monitors the App Store for reduced price or free apps for your iOS device or Mac.  I’ve found some GREAT little programs in there that I didn’t know existed and will be very helpful.

Give it a try and go check out and also add it to your iOS devices.

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