A Few Words About WordPress


Why WordPress?

I get a lot of questions about blogging from various friends from work and from church.  For a variety of reasons that are too numberous to list in this post, I prefer WordPress.  If you’re looking for a cheap and easy solution, WordPress is what you’re looking for.  It has a lot of features and a number support sites that will help you with just about anything.

If you’re not super-savvy than don’t worry.  There are a number of sites that will host your WordPress blog and install it as part of the setup.  GoDaddy is my favorite (yes I know the commercials are junk and inappropriate, but the service is easy to use and inexpensive.


Installing WordPress on your GoDaddy Hosting Account

There are a number of great hosting companies for your WordPress blog, but I tend to recommend GoDaddy just because it’s affordable and easy. Other systems have better options, but not as much support. If you get lost or in trouble you can Google your issues or visit YouTube and search for WordPress+GoDaddy+Your Issue and will come up with some answers.

WordPress for Beginners

I’m happy to see more folks using WordPress for their blogs and some even for their static webpages. Here’s a good primer on WordPress:

WordPress Friends

For new folks I recommend Windows Live Writer, which is free for Windows users and is a comfortable interface for posting to your blog:

This is just the beginning… These are just a few tools to get you started.  In the future, I’ll post more about tools, tricks and plugins that will make your new site sing!

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